New Year, New Hair

I did it! *In my Dora the Explorer voice* I cut my hair. Well, Alexa at Modern Concepts Salon in Ashburn, Va cut my hair. I love it. It's cute, and easy to maintain.

A new hair blog I found said, "It's time to see your [hair] stylist when:
You have a mullet
You can't remember your last visit
Your hair reaches your bum
You have split ends
You're unhappy with your hair
Your hair is always in a ponytail"
 She's right - problem solved!

Answers to a few questions some folks may have:

Why did you do it?
Remember when I talked about my hair woes herehere and here? Well I realized that I'd rather have cute hair that was easy to maintain over cute LONG hair, that takes hours to maintain, and isn't always cute anyway.

Who did it?
Alexa Zagorites at Modern Concepts Salon in Ashburn, VA

How much did it cost?

What do you do to maintain it now?
Same wash routine as before, with a couple new cheaper products that are easily accessible, that I hope to review soon, and I don't make deliberate sections, but it's much quicker with half the amount of hair. I just let my hair air dry, and this is what I get.

I talk about the cut in a video below. So, what do you think?


  1. You look beautiful -- Your new cut is fierce!

  2. You hair looks amazing. And, I'm super glad that YOU love it too!!! Looking like a hot mama!

  3. This cut looks good on you! I had to laugh to myself when you were showing how long it still was in your video. I said to myself, "that's my hair!" Looking good!

  4. I love the new hair!!!! You look fantastic....thanks for always stopping by my blog. I read every comment you leave. :)


  5. You look marvelous! Very cute!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Seriously - each comment made me smile.

  7. I LOVE your cut! I just did a similar tapered cut on my own hair, and I'm loving it too:)

  8. Love the new haircut. You look so chic and modelesque!

  9. Thank you MerelyMarie & Savannah!